Challenges of optical communications in the 6G era: a view from EU projects


Luis Velasco (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

João Pedro (Infinera, Portugal)

Marc Ruiz (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Invited speakers

  • Filippo Cugini: B5G-OPEN: Towards packet-optical multi-band optical networks
    Ramon CasellasSEASON: Sustainable High Capacity Autonomous Optical Networks
    Antonio Napoli: ALLEGRO: Enabling high-capacity bidirectional transmission with coherent pluggable for 5G applications
    Marija Furdek, Ramon CasellasTeraFlow: a cloud-native SDN controller for 5G and beyond
    ntonio de la OlivaPREDICT-6G: the importance of predictability in 6G networks

    Pongracz GergelyDESIRE6G: Deep Programmability and Secure Distributed Intelligence For Real-Time end-to-end 6G Networks

Projects overview

  • B5G-OPEN targets the design, prototyping and demonstration of a novel end-to-end integrated packet-optical transport architecture based on MultiBand optical transmission and switching networks. MB expands the available capacity of optical fibers, by enabling transmission within S, E, and O bands, in addition to commercial C and/or C+L bands, which translates into a potential 10x capacity increase and low-latency for services beyond 5G.

    SEASON designs and validates a sustainable transport network infrastructure able to support beyond 5G and new emerging services. The SEASON infrastructure relies on the joint usage of Multi-Band and Space Division Multiplexing, spanning the access, aggregation, and metro/long-haul segments, supporting the requirements for x-haul, further integrating the packet/optical and computing layers, and targeting cost-effective capacity increase. SEASON leverages on cognitive networks powered by streaming telemetry and AI/ML for near-real time network operation.

    ALLEGRO designs and validates a novel end-to-end sliceable, reliable, and secure architecture for next-generation optical networks, achieving high transmission/switching capacity, low power consumption/cost, and secure infrastructures and data transfers. The architecture relies on key enabling innovations: i) smart, coherent transceivers for P2P and P2MP applications; ii) loss-less, energy-efficient transparent photonic integrated optical switches; iii) a consistent approach to security, in terms of functional/ protocol architectures and communications; and iv) a scalable AI/ML assisted control and orchestration system.

    TeraFlow has created a novel cloud-native SDN controller for beyond 5G networks that is able to integrate with current NFV and MEC frameworks, as well as to provide revolutionary features for flow aggregation, management (service layer), network equipment integration (infrastructure layer), and AI/ML-based security and forensic evidence for multi-tenancy based on Distributed Ledgers.

    PREDICT-6G sets towards the development of an end-to-end 6G (e2e) solution that can guarantee seamless provisioning of services requiring extremely tight timing and reliability constraints. The solution targets determinism network infrastructures at large, including wired and wireless segments and their interconnections. PREDICT-6G develops a novel and inherently deterministic Multi-technology Multi-domain Data-Plane (MDP) overhauling the reliability and time sensitiveness design features existing in current wired and wireless standards.

    DESIRE6G is designing and developing novel zero-touch control, management, and orchestration platform, with native integration of AI, to support eXtreme URLLC application requirements. DESIRE6G is re-architecting mobile networks through a) its intent-based control and end-to-end orchestration that targets to achieve near real time autonomic networking; and b) a cloud-native unified programmable data plane layer supporting multi-tenancy. The DESIRE6G data, control, management, and orchestration plane is supported by a pervasive monitoring system, extending from the network to the user equipment or IoT terminal. DESIRE6G employs distributed ledger technology to support a) dynamic federation for services across of multiple administrative domains and b) infrastructure-agnostic software security.


   12 min/presentation – no questions
   30 min: panel discussion

Important Dates

Submission deadline (firm): 20 Dec. 2022; 20 Jan. 2023; 27 January 2023

Acceptance notification: 10 March 2023

Camera-ready submission: 20 March 2023

Conference date: 08-11 May 2023

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